Seeking Growth?

Are you leading great people and wanting to know how else you can value-add to their success? Did you just have a new milestone in your career, and would like to ready yourself for the big role you’re stepping into? Are some parts of your life an average 5 while other parts are better, and you wonder if it’s possible to have it all at 10 on 1-10? Or do you already have a kickass job and life, but are still hungry to do and be more?

Welcome to Whole-person Coaching, to getting more out of life.


17 Dec 2022 workshop - "Illuminating ME for Love & Family" Click for more info.

Who is this for?

Because you are so much more than you think you are.

Meet Carrie Tan

Carrie Tan is a transformation coach & healer, self-work practitioner, social entrepreneur, culture-builder and Member of Parliament.

A coach to executive and performance coaches, influencers, venture capitalists, public sector leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs, Carrie has effected positive transformation in individuals, teams and organizations, connecting thousands of people to meaning, purpose and growth.

She also founded two non-profits in Singapore in the past 7 years dedicated to enabling underprivileged communities towards social mobility.


Before, every time I thought about my future, it was a black hole, just sucking me in. After the sessions with you, I see my future as Sunlight, it’s full of light.

Female Client, 31 years old, entrepreneur, Vietnam

Carrie has the amazing ability to solicit really deep insights in her coaching. As a Coach myself, I’ve had many eureka moments that go profoundly beyond the “ordinary” with other coaches I’ve met. The trust and presence that I (and I’m sure her other clients too) experience with her is always authentic, supportive and calm. She reminds and inspires me of what being a great Coach is truly all about!

Winifred Lim, 35 years old, business consultant & executive coach, Singapore

Carrie's big heart embraced parts unknown deep within me, her sharp mentorship approach encourages retrospective goodness to surface and shine with compassionate inquiry. I completely let go of forgotten emotional lugs, putting my mental strength and greater empathy back on track, I sleep better, gained better physical health, the result is a wonderful algorithm hack of mind, body and soul, wholly reset! With heartfelt, Thank you Carrie!

Val Hill, 51 years old, creative professional, Singapore

Community & Resources

The Light-bearers Collective is a community of like-minded coaches, psychologists, healers, therapists and counsellors who believe that the wellness eco-system should be diverse and vibrant with different approaches that cater to what speaks and resonates with each individual. The purpose is to bring light into lives, to illuminate the path towards wellness and to unlock human potential to its fullest.

Feel free to explore each of these professionals and what they do, to find the most suitable approach for you. The “lightbearers” in this community have pledged to offer their time to impact the lives of those who cannot afford coaching and support. We are working with partner organizations including: