Transformative Coaching

Whole-person coaching is a transformative coaching and self-work journey. By identifying formative experiences in their early lives and being led to address them, clients obtain liberation from unhelpful and limiting beliefs that present unconscious limits in their lives, preventing possibilities and wholeness.

What is Whole-Person Coaching?

Described by a client as “deep coaching”, whole-person coaching transcends functional domains and labels separating the parts of our lives. Unlike conventional coaching that focuses on separate domains such as “career”, “life”, “executive”, “relationship”, “marriage”, whole-person coaching creates transformation on all these parts of a client’s life. 

Clients develop deep self-awareness, conscious choice, personal power, and self-mastery to create breakthroughs and growth in life, love, career, and leadership. 

Other specialized coaching journeys founded on the whole-person approach:

  • Communication & Expression (Finding & Developing your Authentic Voice)
  • Personal Brand Development for Leaders 
  • Non-profit Leadership Development 
  • “Unlock & Unleash” Women’s Empowerment Circles
  • Changemaker’s Journey

Key Takeaways

Outcomes of Whole-person Coaching as shared by clients:

  • Inner peace
  • Emotional liberation
  • Improved sleep and physical health
  • Increased functional capacity
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Better relationships
  • Breakthrough performance


"I needed a coach to help me see what I couldn’t see and changing my inner operating system towards a more forward looking and positive one. Carrie is a compassionate and empathetic transformational coach. I have engaged different types of coaching but this is truly transformational. I uncovered the deep strongholds that had kept me stuck from thriving and flourishing in my life... I am pleasantly surprised to discover the mis-understood identity of myself in the past, some which stemmed from more than 40 years ago. These were surfaced and the liberating process of letting go was able to be done in a few sessions. I would recommend anyone who is seeking for an inside-out/ outside-in transformation."

Ung Bee Koon45 years old, Applied Health & Human Performance Specialist

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