Endometriosis Research Project

Have you heard of Endometriosis? Or have you been diagnosed with it?

Lightbearers is undertaking a research project to shed more light on a disease that plagues 1 in 10 women globally.

Modern medicine is struggling to find the cause and cure for this condition. The founder of Lightbearers, Carrie Tan, suffered from intensely painful periods from teenhood to adulthood, which disrupted her life frequently and was only discovered to be Endometriosis through a laparoscopy in her late 20s. It did not remove her pain. In recent years after 1.5 years of intensive selfwork and emotional healing, she is finally painkiller-free at age 41. Her latest ultrasound scans show no signs of endometriosis despite it being a condition that commonly recurs every 5 years.

Carrie is keen to shed light on Endometriosis using a holistic approach that includes perspectives from Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and various ancient healing traditions. She hopes that this effort will help women discover and access other forms of healing that can free them from chronic pain and to lead their fullest lives.

If you are keen to contribute to a breakthrough in healing this disease, here are some ways you can help:

  1. Answer this survey and share it with friends you know who suffer from endometriosis.
  2. Sign up as a case study for a selfwork healing program that Carrie is piloting based on her personal healing experience.
  3. Support this effort financially.

Email CoachCarrie@Lbinc.co to find out and discuss more.