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By June 21, 2022August 21st, 2022No Comments2 min read

Had the great honor and pleasure of meeting and enjoying a conversation with His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche last week. He is here to promote the building of PEACE. A Universal Sanctuary of Peace in Nepal welcoming world leaders of all faiths and creeds to make decisions in the spirit of peace. A symbol and site that can endure for hundreds of years as a refuge and guide for humanity.

His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche and I.

It’s a noble mission, and I am glad to support it.

Many individuals struggle to find peace, first of all peace within ourselves.

Learning from and sharing with Rinpoche, I realise that many ancient religions practice knowing and mastery of the mind. To free it from its illusions and addictions that cause suffering. In Hinduism, that is referred to as the concept of “maya”. In Buddhism, the concept of attachment, which causes suffering.

Often our beliefs cause conflict and suffering within us and we project it outwards in our daily interactions, unconsciously producing suffering and conflict in our lives and our spheres. It’s as simple as being triggered by someone whose words or actions we perceive to go against our values, and in a split micro-second a judgment comes in, followed by feelings of distrust, or skepticism, or annoyance, or frustration. This happens when we are unconscious and unconsciously attached to our beliefs.

Inner peace and happiness comes from awareness of our minds. Transformation and entering into our own fullest power comes from being able to see how our minds function, and gaining mastery over it.

Self-actualization happens when we gain awareness of the unconscious ways our minds control us. Self-actualization happens when we gain mastery over our minds and its illusions and delusions. With mastery, we can then choose with full consciousness the energies we put out and surround ourselves with, and attract positive energies into our lives. This is the meaning of “INTENTIONALITY”.

The gateways to inner peace and self-actualization are many. There are now a community of mastery coaches under different names and specializations offering secular self-awareness elevation coaching to individuals who wish to master their minds and to live with AWARENESS and INTENTION, myself included.

We are all and each a miracle already born, yet fully unlocked.

We can TRANSCEND our minds and ACHIEVE beyond our imagination.

In gratitude to Althea Lim from Gushcloud International who made this connection and encounter with His Eminence Shyalpa Rinpoche possible


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